Priscillamae Olson

Author and Arist Living in Eau Claire, WI

Book Summary - The End of the Road: Full Circle Home

Priscillamae believes that regardless of life's circumstances, true joy and contentment can be nourished within us all. Olson's memoir unveils the impact and challenges of growing up a Depression and World War II baby, and conveys her choice, and her family's choice, to create opportunity and adventure in the face of dire poverty. In addition to poverty, Priscillamae experienced insecurity, as well as social, environmental, and educational deprivation in early childhood.

Olson's mother was resourceful in stretching the meal ticket. She involved her family in gardening, churning butter, making cottage cheese, shredding cabbage for sauerkraut, baking bread and dough - dads, preserving and processing meats and vegetables and fruits, churning ice cream, and boiling sorghum as a sugar substitute. Nothing was ever wasted or discarded.

In addition, Priscillamae relates that her mother was a masterful, and creative sewer. As well, she possessed a strong faith and demonstrated the source of her resilience in dealing with all life threw in her way. As well, she was committed to seeing that her children were instilled with the knowledge that a good education would be their insurance that each could aspire to earn a pathway out of poverty in their future. Olson's mother attained her GED at the age of 73 years old.

Experience anew the joy of play as Priscillamae reminiscences and recites the list of fun and games that she experienced in a little, old, country school. Annie Annie Over, Red Rover, marbles, Fox and Geese, Angels in the Snow, Dodge Ball, Shadow Tag, high jump, and baseball and softball were the recreational activities enjoyed by all the school children through the eighth grade. Other fun activities were a student - basket social, a weekly spell - down, and an annual Field Day competing against other schools.

The reader is invited to catch the impassioned zest as you laugh, cry, participate, and rejoice in the lives of this rural Wisconsin family where spring has always followed the winter.