Priscillamae Olson

Author and Arist Living in Eau Claire, WI

Book Summary - When I Stumble in Life's Storms: A Bridge to Carry Me Home

Although the topic of suicide is uncomfortable, Priscillamae tackles the profound, corroding disease of suicide to open up the dialogue. Olson explores suicide and its related life's storms of depression, poverty, homelessness, cults, bullying, gender confusion, and gives attention to the internet's availability of fire arms, suicidal options, and the consequences of crossing lines of moral character in social media. Through personal stories of growing up, and as life - long counselor and teacher, dealing with difficulties and challenges in life's storms, Priscillamae interlaces original poetry to give voice to the silenced cries of teens and young adults, once glowing candles, now extinguished forever. "When I Stumble in Life's Storms: A Bridge to Carry Me Home," provides facts and experiences to educate, enrich understanding, and acceptance of things that cannot be changed.

Bridges, or self - help techniques, help provide an anchor for youth who are experiencing a fragile state and paralyzing pain to hang on as they deal with the thunderous roar of life's rapids.

Bridges are a tool - box of survival, self - help techniques, or mental health first aids, to give power to persevere, delay, and "stay the course" in the midst of life's storms to find new hope, healing, strength, courage, confidence, inner peace, and to rebuild and embrace a vibrant life. Well - built bridges are life - saving techniques to diminish the frenzy of life's storms and the accompanying despair in our heart, mind, or soul. Bridges can help to navigate the bumps, mountains, and turbulence in the face of life's storms.

This book is about making a conscious choice to persevere and build a portfolio of bridges to help to remain steadfast, and gain stability and safe passage, in the storms of life. Bridge building techniques help to step back from circumstances beyond our control so that the situations can more honestly and objectively be viewed. Bridge building helps to cope more appropriately to the storms in our lives. Building bridges helps ensure that we are more - ready to cross over the gaps, voids, chasms, crevasses, abysses, and unthinkable challenges and storms that often come up suddenly in our lives.